I would object to your claim that embargoes are meant to keep information from the public to serve PR people. The new Mustang unveil is tomorrow, December 5, and Ford allows outlets access to advanced photos so they can be ready when that day comes. It's more a courtesy to give outlets a headstart than some kind of… » 12/04/13 3:17pm 12/04/13 3:17pm

The American Road Trip: What Independence Day Is All About

Of all the many wonderful things about this country, its 4 million miles of road that allow you access to nearly every nook and cranny must be one of the best. No YouTube video or Google Image search can replace the wonder of seeing mile after mile of untouched American splendor laid out before your windshield, and on… » 7/04/13 1:21pm 7/04/13 1:21pm

Love the enthusiasm, but the reason you don't need to mention GT1 is not because "who cares?," it's because it no longer exists. Corvette left the class to join the more competitive GT, which now includes all production cars (save for the spec Porsche GT3 Cup cars). I'll be watching along, can't wait! » 9/29/10 1:26am 9/29/10 1:26am